The Munchkin

  • The mini tripod is made for digital cameras, DSLRs, camcorders or any other camera device can be readily equipped with the regular ¼” tripod mount.
  • It has the high maximum load of 1.4 kg (around 3lbs) that makes it one of the sturdiest small form-factor tripods present on the market.
  • The tripod has the highest height of 21” which is further superior to many other mini-tripods. The versatility as well as stability of the tripod is unmatched compared to any other tripod available in the market.
  • The tripod has a three-way pan/tilt head that has a quick release plate which gives users complete control alongside easy to use value.
  • The tripod is excellent on the go device that has twist lock legs that is relatively smaller during its fully folded state. This makes the tripod an easy to carry and easy to whip out that can be used to capture photos on the move.



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