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The Papuma (PT55)

$59.99 $43.99

  • Weighs roughly 2.6 pounds with load around 11 pounds. High Quality and lightweight aluminium alloy tube and engineering plastic.
  • Neat tripod that conveniently fits into cases for easy storage without any storage issues.\
  • Attach as well as detach camera as per your needs in seconds using the universal Quick-Release plate that allows faster transitions between shots and moves quickly from one spot to another spot.
  • The 3-way pan head keeps your camera safe by maintaining a steady position. Double holder for optional pan head.
  • The four sectioned lever-lock legs become home to custom set-ups even in rough terrains to ensure that your shot stays on the perfect side without any complications disturbing it.


Product Description

The Mactrem PT55 – AKA the Papuma – is the perfect entry level Tripod for new photographers. It’s sturdy yet lightweight build makes it easy to carry, while its adjustable functions makes it easy for anyone to get the shot that they want.

It’s functionality is suited for a variety of equipment, camcorders, DSLR’s, mirrorless, you name it. Available in three colours – Black, Orange, and Yellow – express yourself and your photography with our beautiful Papuma Tripod.


The Papuma’s body is made of aluminum alloy and eco-friendly ABS plastic with a maximum diameter of 25mm. It’s soft, non-slip rubber feet also ensure an even shoot on any surface. Weighing in at only 1.18KG (2.6lbs), it’s folding portable design makes it ideal for travelling, and on-the-go shoots.


Shoot at any angle, anywhere, using the 3-way panhead with its quick release plate. A smooth 360-degree panning feel is great for full panoramic shots while the twist lock legs and sturdy base give a steady shot on any terrain.


From 18” all the way to 55”, the Papuma contains 4 leg sections, 3 locks, and a center column for extra support. It’s soft, non-slip sponge also ensures a comfortable grip while you’re adjusting the legs.

Available in Black, Orange, and Yellow!
Easily adjustable 4-section, 3 lock column legs with quick release hooks.
Lightweight, yet supports loads of up to 5KG / 11lb.
Comes with a free Carrying case.
Ergonomic handle to lift shooting axis and take pan shots.
Easy to fold up and carry ~ great for traveling!


Model: Papuma PT55
Material: Aluminum alloy tube and ABS eco-friendly plastic
Material of the handle: ABS eco-friendly plastic
Head type: Panhead
Folded length: 50cm / 19.7in
Tripod max height: 140cm / 55inch
Max. tube diameter: 23mm / 0.9in
Column quantity: 4 sections
Load capacity: 5kg / 11Lb
Item weight: 1.18kg / 2.6Lb
Package size: 12 * 12 * 51cm / 4.7 * 4.7 * 20.08in
Package weight: 1.6kg / 3.52Lb


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