General Questions
Why do I need a tripod? 5 Use Cases! Tripod Use Case 1: Taking sharper Images; Tripod Use Case 2: Long-Exposure photographs; Tripod Use Case 3: Night-shots; Tripod Use Case 4: High-dynamic range Photos; Tripod Use Case 5: Close-up photos.
How much do I need to spend on a tripod? The amount of money you should spend on a tripod vastly differs, depending on materail, purpose, your budget and if you are a pro or just an amateur.
How to clean and maintain a tripod? Tripods should be kept dry all the time (even on the road if possible) to prevent it from taking damage over time. This is why you should have a microfiber cloth with you if possible to keep it dry and clean. When you store your tripod, you should put it into its bag and store it horizontally in a dry and dark place. Avoid locking the legs to firmly though as it might damage the legs as well.
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Can Mactrem tripods be used in water? Water will not damage them, but make sure the tripod is allowed to completely dry before storing it. It is a good idea to rinse the tripod after use, especially if it has been exposed to salt water and sand, then let it dry fully extended.
I own a ballhead made by another manufacturer. Am I able to use it with my Mactrem Tripod? Mactrem tripods all have a “3/8-16” stud that will mate with a socket of that same size on Mactrem heads. This spec is fairly standard throughout the industry, so almost all non-Mactrem heads will fit. Make sure that whatever head you use, its load capacity is sufficient for the camera/lens being placed on it.
I own a few “Arca-Swiss” camera plates from another manufacturer. Will these fit an Mactrem head? Possibly. When a tripod accessory carries the “Arca-Swiss” designation, it means that it has a specific style of mounting hardware, but not necessarily an exact specification. The only way to determine that two Arca-Swiss designated products will work together is to actually try them.
Is it possible to remove the tripod’s center column in order to position the camera close to the ground? Yes, an Extra Low Column is included in package.  It is only 3.94″ long, and will permit the tripod to be set to a very low height.
I lost some parts to my Mactrem tripod? How can I replace them? Lost parts are NOT covered by warranty, however, we do have replacement parts for sale online. If you do not find your part you can email us with the part you are missing and we may or may not have it in stock (our contact email: [email protected]).
What is the difference between Twist Leg Locks and Flip Leg Locks? The ease of setup and breakdown is a very important part of a tripod. Mactrem offers you a choice of leg lock designs. The Mactrem Twist Leg Lock system is used on the Acadia model. It has been the standard of excellence for a long time. With a simple half twist in a clockwise direction, the legs smoothly and quickly open to their full length. You can grip all leg locks at once and all leg sections will slide open. To adjust the height or close the legs, turn the leg lock in a clockwise direction, move the leg and twist counter-clockwise to relock. The new Flip Leg Locks (available on Papuma series tripods) are very popular and easy to use. Just pull up on the flip lock lever and the leg section smoothly slides down to its full length. Push the flip lock lever back to the lock position and the legs are firmly secured. You can flip all leg locks at once and all leg sections will slide open. If the leg locks ever need adjusting, you can easily change the tension with the included allen key.
How long is the Mactrem tripod warranty? All Mactrem tripods come with a 24-month warranty. The warranty starts from the date of purchase on your order.
Which is better, Aluminum or Carbon Fiber legs? Mactrem offers tripods in Aluminum or Carbon Fiber. Both materials will offer you excellent performance. The aluminum legs are very strong and are available at affordable prices. Carbon Fiber legs are designed to provide added strength, reduced vibrations and are lighter than aluminum (important when you carry a lot of equipment and need to save every ounce). Carbon Fiber is not affected by temperature change and is not cold to the touch – a benefit when working in colder climates.
What are spiked feet? On Mactrem Acadia series tripods, there are retractable stainless steel spikes that help keep the legs in position when working in the dirt or grass. Simply twist the rubber foot in a counter-clockwise direction until the spike is completely exposed. Since they are stainless steel, they will not rust. When you no longer need them, twist the rubber foot in a clockwise direction until the spike is fully hidden.
Are lightweight tripods not very good? It is important to choose your tripod according to the weight of your camera and lens. A lightweight tripod is better for carrying, but with a heavier and larger camera, a lightweight tripod may not provide enough stability or secure balance. Damage to the camera and lens could result if the tripod falls. The heavier the tripod the better for shooting. These are the basic considerations in choosing the right tripod for your needs. A rough guideline states that the loading weight of the tripod is two times the weight of the tripod itself. If the tripod weighs 1kg, then the loading weight is up to 2kg.
What kind of materials are used in a tripod? Most tripods are made from aluminum alloy. Inexpensive tripods often use plastics for the head and tripod body. High performance tripods employ magnesium for the head and body while using carbon fiber for the legs for strength and light weight.
Is Mactrem able to repair tripods made by a different manufacturer? Unfortunately this is not possible. Each manufacturer provides support for its own products.
Do you recommend any regular maintenance for the Mactrem Tripods. In prder to keep your Mactrem tripod performing optimally for many years, we recommend that all moving parts be lubricated periodically (every two years or so). This is especially true for the twist locks and the leg hinges. As a lubricant we recommend a mild grease or graphite. We do not recommend use of liquid lubricants – they tend to make a big mess.
I like to use my Mactrem tripod at the beach. Do I have to worry about salt water or sand? Mactrem Tripods have an excellent record of standing up to water, including salt water. Nevertheless, we suggest that you rinse or wipe your tripod with a wet cloth before collapsing the legs in the beach environment. This is especially true if there is sand or grime on the legs. If left unaddressed, small particles tend to work themselves into the twistlocks and can damage the threads and rings.
Our Tripods
What is the load limit for this tripod? It can support max 33lbs/15kg.
Does it come with the middle column? Yes, it does. The pacakge includes a 10cm/3.94in middle column.
How tall is it at full length? Max height 64.5inch/164cm with column extended.
Can alternative heads (gear, etc) be attached to this tripod? Yes, of course. There are 3/8″-1/4″ screw in the center column. Any head or accessories with 3/8″ or 1/4″ female screw will be fine.
Is the center column able to be removed and places in reverse for low / macro ground shooting ? Yes, it can be. Please refer to the user manual.
How to convert this to a monopod? Please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVIg-5xXtbk&t=195s
When used as a monopod is it sturdy and can it double as a hiking stick? Yes, please no worry it is very sturdy. Of course, you can use it as a hiking stick.
Can I use this for videos? Yes, if your camera has an screw,so it can.
What’s the minimum height of this unit when folded? It is 18.8inch/47.5cm.
What is the weight of this tripod? It is about 1.7kg.
Is the ball head interchangeable? Yes, if your head matches the 1/4”-3/8” screw.
Can this tripod also work as monopod? Yes! One of the legs screws off and you can attach the head to this portion to use it as a monopod.
What is the maximum height of this tripod? Max Height (24°Leg Angle) w/ Column Extended: 64.5inch/164cm
Can I shoot Macro almost at the floor level with this tripod ? Yes, you can. A 10cm/3.94in middle column is included for low shot.
Is this tripod sturdy enough for long exposure in winds? It depends on quite a few factors, the main one being the height you set the tripod as it becomes more unstable with height, use a bag or similar to secure the tripod (with the hook provided) and you should be OK.
What size is the screw to attach a head? 3/8″ or 1/4″? Ball head mounting screw is 3/8″ – quick release plate camera mount is standard 1/4″.
Can you remove the head? Or change the head to ball head if you wanted? This product is the pan head design, can not be replaced. Please understand.
Is this tripod heavy? It is lightweight design, only 1.18kg / 2.6Lb.
Can this tripod be used for video cameras? Yes, as long as the camera has a standard threaded socket in the base and is not too large.
Does anyone else have a problem with the Vertical Pitching, mine feels stiff and juddery as if something is too tight or defective? The pitch and yaw are smooth once adjusted correctly and locked in with the various locking mechanisms.
To adjust the yaw it’s the mechanism on the left turn it counter clockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten, to adjust the pitch it’s the handle you grip on to turn the camera but turn it counter clock wise to loosen and clock wise to tighten.
Does it come with a bubble level? Yes,it does.
What is the max load this tripod can handle? Max load capacity: 5kg / 11.02Lbs.
Is the head plastic or aluminum? It’s plastic but works very good.
Can this tripod be used for horizontal or aerial photos ? Yes. When you attach your camera to the quick release plate, you can tilt the adjustment plate down for a horizontal or vertical shot or point the camera upwards.
Can I use it for smart phone? Yes, you can. A universal smartphone tripod bracket is included.
Can I mount a laser on this tripod? Our screws are universal 1/4.If your laser can be used in the screw, then you can use our tripod.
Can this tripod allow my camera to face the ground? Sorry, this product can not be. You can look at our Acadia series tripods in our store, they can allow your camera to face the ground.
what is the fully extended height? It can be extended to maximum height 1400mm / 55.12inch.
Can this be used with a GoPro? If the Gopro has 1/4″ screw, then it could be used.
Will this work for a small video camera? Absolutely, without a doubt.
Our Smartphone Lens'
Does it fit Sony Xperia? We’re afraid not 🙁
Will it work with iphone 7 ? Yes, it fits perfectly.
Will I have to remove the case on my iPhone 6 to use this product? It works on a variety of cases, e.g., OtterBox, Tech21 Classic Tactical Case, as well as others. However, it will depend on what kind of case you have, since there are such a huge variety of cases on the market. If your case is too thick, you had better remove it.
Does this wide angle lens provide rectilinear images? Does it blurs the edges? Your photo will look like a panoramic shot, which means straight lines on sides will become non-straight due to panoramic feature.
Will these lens stay on my phone if I’m doing activities such as horse back riding or parasailing? This fits with the help of a clip on your mobile camera and sticks well.
Is the wide angle a normal wide angle or a fish eye lense? It is a normal wide angle.
How do i use the macro lens? To use macro lens, you need to separate the two lens by unscrewing. Then, keeping 1-2cm distance from the object, you will get more crisp clear pictures.
Does ths work for selfies? It works great for selfies, great clarity with this lense. You can take “grouplies” with it, it’s a wide angle, you get the background in your shot.
Will both the macro lens and wide angle lens work with iPhone 7 plus? Sure, it does work.
Can you take video through this? Sure, you can use it to take video.
Is this lens good for taking pictures of people? Yes, you can use wide angle lens.
It’s a 2 in 1 kind of set up. So it depends on the types of pictures you are taking. The wide angle allows for more to be fit into the picture so it may help with group shots but not by too much. The macro lens would only be useful if you wanted very detailed pictures of something up close, such as an eye.
Can you use the wide angle lens without the maco? No,the macro lens should be attached when using the wide angle lens.
Can this be used to take selfies ?? Yes, it can be used for selfies.
Does this work for iphone 7 plus? Yes, it does.
Does it fit the S6 Edge? It has the universal detachable clamp design, can work on most types of mobile phones such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and camera which has 37mm diameters thread.
How do you use? Clip it on your phone and align the focuses of the phone and the lens.
Can this be used with a tripod ? Yes, it can. Just clips onto the phone over the phone’s camera lens, and then attach your phone to a tripod.
To use the macro lens, does the wide angle lens have to be off – does it just become a single lens ? or can it be a wide macro ? The macro screws into the clip. The wide angle screws into the macro. So, the wide angle is always used with the macro lens, and the macro is used by itself.
Does this take clear pictures? Yes the pictures are just as clear as original photos. The lens just make it so you can take different views.
Can you attach it onto your phone with and without a case? It works on a variety of cases, e.g., OtterBox, Tech21 Classic Tactical Case, as well as others. However, it will depend on what kind of case you have, since there are such a huge variety of cases on the market. If your case is too thick, you had better remove it.
Does this fit the iPhone 7 plus Yes, it does.
How to use the macro lens ? When use the macro lens, please keep 0.4-1”distance from the shooting object, too far will make the picture looks indistinct.
Can I use these with my iPad mini? Yes you can, they would work perfectly with any apple device.
Will it work on a Samsung s6? Yes it will work with any phone which the clip will fit over , if the camera is at the top corner like most phones it should work fine all you do is clip the lenses over your camera lenses on the phone
What’s the magnification on this lens? This lens is 20x macro lens, the magnification is 20x.
Macro (close-up) lens is all blurry, is it broken? No, just more closer! Less than 1 inch from the subject and you’ll be fine. If everything is blurry with the macro lens, you need to move closer.!
Will this camera fit a Windows phone? Yes, it can.
Does this lens work with the iPhone 7? Yes, it works for iPhone 7.
Is this suitable for high quality jewellery photography Yes, it can. The macro lens will certainly will give you very close up images of the jewellery.
Will this lens fit on my phone? Yes! Our lenses are compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids … basically any device that has a lens on it.
Can I use this for the front facing camera or just the back? Yes, it works fine with the front facing camera as a selfie lens
Will the photo be distorted? Fisheye lenses are actually ultra-wide angle lenses. With it, your phone lens will capture rounded images instead of square ones. So it must has distortion, that is the special effect for this lens.
Is there the dark circle for the photo taken by 235 degree fisheye lens? Yes, this lens provide a real deal hemispherical views that make everyone look like they’re living in a bubble. Like rolling a panoramic shot into a snowball! so all the photos taken by 235 degree fisheye lens have the black edges in 4 corners.
Fisheye lens is not clear, is it broken? If it is not clear, firstly please check your phone camera , if it align with lens (this is very important), and then focusing in your phone. Meanwhile, it is related with phone’s pixel. Mactrem lens cannot increase the pixel of your phone; it can only make the photo special, just increase view-angle coverage.
Does this work with the front facing camera on the iPhone 7? Yes, it can work with the front facing camera on the iPhone 7. Hope it can bring fun to your life.
Will this be compatible with the iphone 7 plus? The Fisheye fits Iphone 7 Plus, please do not worry.
Will this camera fit a Windows phone? Yes, it can fit.
Do you always need to remove the phone’s cover? No, you don’t. You can attach it to a phone with a case. It will work with most cases.
Does this fit all phones? Yes it does fit most smartphones.